The Story of The Tire Cover Shop

I got my first Jeep in 2013. It was a white 2001 Wrangler and I loved that car. My family drove with me 4 hours to go pick it up and according to them, it was a mess and couldn't believe I bought it. With a lot of love and fixing up from my Dad, it shined. I named him Walter and loved how beautiful he was. Everywhere I went people tried to buy the car from me (yep, even in the grocery store parking lot). It wasn't anything flashy, it was simple. And I loved that...

This was when I made my first tire cover. I free handed some floral doodles on the back of a plain cover and proudly displayed it on the back of Walter. I posted it as a DIY on my blog and inspired many people to make their own cover. 

I eventually moved on from Walter and now have Waldo, my silver Jeep. Fast forward a few years of working on The Tire Cover Shop and building it as a brand, we now are proud to offer unique, high quality tire covers for the woman who loves to express her individual style. 

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find a cover that you love, that you take on adventures, that fits your personality and expresses who you are. Welcome to The Tire Cover Shop, I'm glad you're here.


The Tire Cover Shop Founder