How To Install A Tire Cover

Congratulations! You just unwrapped your tire cover out of the packaging and you want to make sure it fits perfectly. When you receive your tire cover, you'll have two parts: the tire cover and a plastic bag for quick installation. This plastic bag keeps your warranty in tact and keeps your tire cover clean from any rust that wants to seep through from the tire. 

Below, you can find how to install your tire cover in a quick way. You'll only need to cut the hole in the plastic bag if you have a backup camera. 

How To Install A Tire Cover

First, wipe down your tire and make sure it is clean. 

Remove your tire cover from the packaging and find the plastic bag that comes with your brand new tire cover.

Next, drape the black plastic bag over the tire on your vehicle. This creates a barrier between your tire and the tire cover from rust that may want to stain the cover. This protects the warranty and allows the cover to slide on easily.

Now, take your tire cover and hold it with both hands in the direction it will go on your tire. The opening will be at the bottom and make sure the design will be straight. 

Pull the cover over the tire at the top and slowly work your way around pulling the cover over the rest of the tire. The elastic will allow you to pull it and keep it fitted to the tire. Gently pull the cover until it is straight and tight on the tire.

If you have a backup camera hole, grab a pair of scissors and cut a slit into the plastic bag. Push the excess of the bag behind the cover to get out of the way of the backup camera.

Now you've installed your brand new tire cover on your vehicle!